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My Famous BBQ & Sriracha Wings

Ava woke up one day with a hankering for some wings! I was exhausted, it was torrential downpour outside, and honestly I just did not want to leave the house. There was no way I was going to replicate her favorite hot wings. They are crispy, spicy, and wet. (Wet = wet wings are not swimming in sauce, but tossed and coated.)

Looking in the fridge I did have sweet BBQ sauce and Sriracha. I always keep dry BBQ rub so that wasn't a concern.  Sadly my wings were frozen, glancing over at my insta pot, biggie actually! .I decided I did have all i needed to make Ava's dinner dreams come true.

What you'll need:

  • Chicken wings

  • BBQ Rub

  • BBQ Sauce

  • Sriracha 

That is it! Super simple, super quick, and super affordable! 

1. Take the wings frozen - place them right into the insta pot and add time depending on the amount of wings you place there. I DO use the Insta Pot steam rack so that the wings do not sit in their own sauce.

2. While the wings are cooking. Take a medium size bowl - pour in your bbq sauce. You can add Sriracha to flavor. My go to ratio - Squeeze the bottle around the edge of whatever size bowl you use 3 times. See the video for my style! Set the mixture aside.

3. After the wings are cooked - coat them in the bbq dry rub.

4. Take the coated wings and dip them into the bbq sriracha mix. 

5. Line the dipped wings on a baking sheet

6. Place the wings in the oven on BROIL LO - monitor the wings

7. Once the wings have a nice char to them, flip them over and place them back to broil some more.

8. When they are all done I like to set them aside to cool off. This will thicken the bbq sauce even more. 

AND THAT IS IT! Less than 30 mins and you have yourself some sweet and spicy wings! 

Let me how your wings turned out! Did you change anything, use different seasoning. I want to know! Leave in the comments below! 

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