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COVID-19: How to Work from Home

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

There are several challenges on working from home when you otherwise are not accustomed to it.

Here is what I do to stay focused and productive.

1. Keep your commute time!

Use the time you would usually be commuting to work out! A physical activity first thing in the morning will jump start your focus and get your energy levels up!! Take charge and maximum the extra hour or two a day just for you and your health!

2. Creating and maintaining a routine is important.

Plan your day out! Down to the hour! This helps you segment out your tasks and easy for you to know what is next. In your plan make sure to take 5-10 min break at the beginning of every hour. Get up, stretch, whatever you need to decompress and clear your head for a few seconds. Do this the night before!

3. Do NOT do any house work

Do not start the laundry, do not do dishes. Separate your work day from your home time. If you take time during the day to do any house chores you will find yourselves working later in the day OR falling behind on work tasks.

4. Take a lunch!

Even if you do not usually take a real lunch at work.. Take at least 30 mins and walk away from the computer. PS: Stay out the fridge otherwise! You are not hungry during the day ! More so "bored" or stressed out!

5. Create a safe space!

This can be difficult especially if you have children at home as well with you. You can set up shop in your dining room, garage, even in a closet! You do not need a ton of space, the goal is to have a place that is separated from your "Home" space.

Stick to a routine and make sure to use your time wisely! 

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