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Top 3 Software Choices for Entrepreneurs - Free!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

When I first started my company I struggled with the HOW ... How do I track clients, How do I manage my bank accounts, HOW do I do all of this WHILE keeping my businesses future growth in mind. At some point I would like to grow the company ... What programs could I use that would be able to either grow with me or make transferring of information easy.

Here are some of my favorite programs .. and why!

For client management: Hubspot

I have used HUBSPOT for years. I have tried other tools but this has been my favorite. It is simple to use and allows a good level of customization for your specific business needs. I create profiles for each of my clients, allowing me to track individual milestones and their deals. I love that they have an app that has 95% of the websites functionality. I can add a client or new contact right from my phone at any time. They also have a great extension tool for gmail. You can log and track emails right to a clients profile if you've sent through gmail. I also can create email templates within Hubspot that I can use within gmail to simplify some of my processes. I have used several other CRM tools and none have had all the options and perks that I enjoy with Hubspot - for FREE!

Accounting - Money management: WAVE

I use wave for tracking my income and expenses. I do NOT have need for a payroll service... yet but they do offer that for an additional fee. I love that wave connects directly to my business bank accounts but also my business credit card! It does take a few days for the banking information to load into the system, but the system is free so can't really complain about that! What I honestly love the most is it allows me to run a profit and loss statement giving me an easy snap shot of my business financial health at any time!


Stride App

As a real estate agent tracking mileage is very important. But did you know that you can also count your mileage when delivering a product? Miles driven with the delivery item in your car or between item pickups are tax deductible. Miles driven on your way to get supplies you need to do your job, or other work-related errands are tax deductible. What I love about is that it tracks ALL my movement. At the end of the day I hop in and chose which drives were work related and boom. Tracked! I export my mileage monthly and save as an excel file as back up. Easy to access for tax time!

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